Attention + Persuasion = Sale? The new word of mouth?

How does Attention + Persuasion = Sale? How do you or your exhibitors grab someone’s attention from your audience and persuade them to purchase product or complete their sale? When you are an audience member, do you ever question another audience member’s intentions?

Gaining Attention

I subscribe to Uncopyable Ramblings by Steve Miller of The Adventure, LLC. Steve comes out with a weekly rambling. This weeks Uncopyable Ramblings got me thinking.

Steve talks about attending a State Fair and his observations of one of the vendors and how this vendor got people to stop by his booth and eventually purchase his product. This vendor got someone’s attention by dropping an orange towel and asking that person to pick it up for him. The conversation continued when he asked for a favor that they watch his presentation. This person was then used to persuade others to join in solely by standing there and watching the presentation. That use of Attention + Persuasion = Sale was successful.

Power of Persuasion

While visiting St. Thomas, often known as one’s land of duty free shopping, I wanted to purchase a camera. Prior to the trip, I shopped for cameras and talked with photographers about what I would need. I entered a camera store and found the perfect camera and at a good price. While looking over the camera, a couple walked up to me and commented that they had purchased that same camera and loved it.

The following year, while back in St. Thomas, I stopped by that same camera shop and guess what? Right, that same couple was back in that store striking up conversations with potential buyers. So, once again the process of Attention + Persuasion = Sale must work for that camera shop owner.

Is Attention + Persuasion = Sale a new “word of mouth” way of building your sales or your business?


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  • Steve Miller September 7, 2016   Reply →

    I love the camera shop example, Sally! Attention without Persuasion will not get the Sale, for sure. Thanks for mentioning my weekly video, too!

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