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Sally O’Shea, CEM | President | O’Shea Events

O’Shea Events is a full-service independent event planning and management firm, founded in 1998, and headquartered in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region.

Team Approach

At O’Shea Events, we take a team approach. Your event team will be built on the vision and goals of your company, offering a wide variety of specialized skills and knowledge. We will integrate seamlessly with your staff and show committee.

O’Shea Events brings together a team of vendors that becomes your events team. The team members include all aspects of event planning and management: facility management, hotel accommodations, catering, decorating services, audio visual, registration, transportation, security and more. This team takes on the details of your event, allowing you to enjoy that time with your clients and customers.

Integrate with Your Team

O’Shea Events will become part of your company culture, understanding and working within your bounds. We work to help you to deliver a new and innovative product every time. We will help you to be a trendsetter, producing a one of a kind event.

Connections and Reputation

Our connections and reputation in the events management industry are outstanding. We have developed strong relationships with many vendors while holding them to the highest standards of performance. Our expectations are clear.

Deliver Optimum Results

We are able to visualize the big picture, making sure that everyone is moving in the same direction at the right pace to deliver optimum results for you.

Certifications and Memberships

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