Grab & Go – A Boxed Lunch Alternative

A few reasons that contribute to the selection of a boxed lunch for your menu choice are:

  • First of all, there is limited space as to where people can eat.
  • Secondly, convenience. Your group can sit just about anywhere when you serve a boxed lunch with everything needed right in the box.
  • In addition, your dollars budgeted are low. Traditionally you consider this type of lunch to be the cheapest choice.
  • Finally, the timing for lunch is minimal. Your audience needs the ability to “grab and go” to whatever is next on their agenda.

Boxed Lunch Waste

The amount of food thrown away in boxed lunches is one of my pet peeves with serving a boxed lunch. The amount of uneaten food that consequently is thrown away and therefore pure waste. Typically, attendees receive a choice of sandwiches or salad, an individual bag of chips, a piece of whole fruit and a packaged cookie. In addition, you can easily include the condiments, napkin and utensils individually packaged. Many times, the boxed lunch does not include the beverage. This is an additional cost.

Grab & Go

So, how can your group save on the amount of food thrown away? Your approach is simple, Grab & Go.

Attendees can build his/her boxed lunch. Ideally, this means that the attendee only takes those items that he/she will eat. It is easy to Grab & Go when all foods are individually wrapped, as provided in a typical boxed lunch.

Most important, your signage lists the menu items. On the signage, include a note about food portions. Your attendees now understand what to pick up the first time through the line. Once everyone is through the line leftovers can be available for all.

The attendee can fill their open top box as he/she walks through the line. The foods are all wrapped or in a small container that is easy to Grab & Go.

Note: A special thank you to Taylor Alvis of Golden Leaf Bistro for the use of their photograph.

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